Arkansas Children’s Hospital doctor warns of critically ill kids with COVID-19

Arkansas Children’s Hospital reported 11 confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations Monday along with several more suspected. 

According to kids news agency , “About half of those are critically ill. They’re in our ICU requiring ventilator support or really have COVID-pneumonia,” said Dr. Rick Barr, Chief Clinical Officer at Arkansas Children’s.

Barr said the hospitalizations are about two to three times more than they saw back in the winter months with COVID-19.
“Previously most of the children that were admitted were incidentally found to be COVID positive,” Barr said. “They weren’t admitted because they had COVID. They were admitted for some other reason. Now we’re seeing more and more children that are admitted because of their COVID infection. That’s the primary reason for their hospital admission.”
The most serious cases are those who are adolescents or “tweens.”
“They’re the ones that are in the ICU that have COVID-pneumonia and are requiring significant support,” Barr said.
The hospital has not admitted a child that has been vaccinated.
“About half the children are in that category: old enough to be vaccinated but have not received the vaccine yet,” Barr said.
Dr. Barr says they are seeing a few hospitalizations but not serious reactions in the younger age groups of babies and toddlers between the ages of one to three, but those instances are usually COVID paired with another virus like RSV.
“Young kids don’t seem to be as seriously ill when they do get infected,” he said.