Getting Answers: When will younger kids be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine?

Life has been different for all of us this past year and for our kids, it hasn’t been easy.

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One step toward normalcy is getting vaccinated against COVID-19, but that’s not possible for young kids right now. And this virus can be dangerous, especially for kids like 8-year-old Kya Steele, who has bad asthma.
Her mom, Kelsey, says, “If she were to get COVID she could get really sick and keeping her safe and knowing she would be much more safe and healthy getting the vaccine versus not, is a big deal for us.”
Dr. James Conway, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at UW Health, says it could be awhile before the vaccine is available to kids like Kya, but there have been some promising results in adolescents.
“First they have to figure out what the right dose is and just because we found a good dose for adults doesn’t mean that’s a good dose for children. In fact, it’s very likely it will end up being a smaller dose for kids.”
Thursday, only on 27 News at 10, we’re getting answers on when the COVID-19 vaccine might be available to younger kids and how soon we could start to see a more normal return to life.