Kids in Spain, stuck at home for 43 days, finally can go out to play

Several kids shared how they have been handling the quarantine and their new freedom.

According to kids news agency, Spain, on Sunday, the first day since March 14 that Spanish children have been allowed out outside to run, play or go for a walk. Spain has been one of the hardest hit countries in the coronavirus pandemic, so its government put a strict quarantine in place.

Around the world, families are sheltering in place because of the coronavirus pandemic. But not all kids’ quarantine experiences are the same. In Spain, where the virus has taken an enormous toll, kids weren’t allowed to leave their homes for 43 days, from mid-March until April 26.

Now that children may take daily one-hour outings, within about a half-mile of their homes, several kids in Spain shared their thoughts and experiences living through this challenging time.

“I felt like I got the keys to my cage,” said Teal Chandler, 12, who lives in an apartment with her family in Barcelona and has been pet-sitting a spotted gecko named Spike during the pandemic.

“The most I had gone out for six weeks was to take down the recycling,” and to run, below her apartment, in the underground garage that “smells like diesel,” she said.